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David & Kris Reid

Reference:               Scott Botruff

                                Amadeus Remodeling & Construction Inc.


From:                       David & Kris Reid


The Details:


Scott has completed two projects with us.  He did a complete remodel of our master bath and the construction and installation of our fireplace.


We live in an older home without a single level wall. Thanks to Scott’s excellent craftsmanship you’d never know.  The quality of his work is exceptional.  (He used to build custom cabinetry).


Scott always gave us an itemized quotation so we knew exactly what we were getting and for how much.   Any changes that we made during the construction were made and documented so we were never surprised with any of his bills.


Scott stands behind his work and was always willing to do a big job or a small job that we needed done right.


I’d sum it up this way:  If you want the highest quality workmanship done with honesty, integrity, and value call Amadeus.


They’ll do our next job!



Bob Carlson

Phone: (616) 957-3246

When I'm looking for help in fixing an electrical , plumbing, carpentry, or any other home improvement project, I consider three things ..... :

1. Integrity

2. Very high quality work

3. Reasonable cost


Scott is the best, most competent, most honest person I have ever met. He has done a ton of work for me over the last several years. If you have any questions at all about any kind of work you have planned and whether Scott has the ability to do your work, feel free to call me.



Amadeus Remodeling and Construction Inc

Scott Botruff
Certified Aging in Place Specialist
20+ Years Experience
Cell 1-616-292-6396 



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